About Us

Keyboardsexpert is a website dedicated to sharing knowledge and resources about computer keyboards. It covers anything from regular membrane keyboards to more advanced gaming and enthusiast-grade custom mechanical keyboards. Our goal is to consistently publish informative articles, tutorials, in-depth keyboard reviews, and up-to-date keyboard news and information.

Although our domain says “Expert,” we don’t claim to be know-it-alls!  We are on a journey to become experts but are still always learning from others enthusiasts. We love this hobby and want to share what we learn along the way. 

Our team is made up of passionate individuals who come from different backgrounds. From veterans of the keyboard scene who have tried everything from first-generation gaming keyboards to current custom keyboards. There are also keyboard builders and modders who have experience with budget and higher-end custom keyboards. 

We aim to provide a reliable resource for everything keyboard-related for everyone – from casual users who wish to understand more about their basic everyday computer keyboard and keyboard enthusiasts looking for tips and tricks for keyboard building.

Apart from our website, you can also find us through various social media platforms. 

We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or suggestions you can email us at: click (at) keyboardsexpert (dot) com

Our Team

Stephen Menor
Stephen is the head content creator of Keyboardsexpert. His mechanical keyboard journey began in 2014 when he got his Razer Blackwidow. Since then, he has been fascinated with all things mechanical keyboard-related. He later discovered the custom keyboard hobby and fell in love with the vast customization options. He is currently searching for his endgame and is very excited to share his journey and educate other keyboard enthusiasts. Aside from keyboards, Stephen is also a big fan of headphones and IEMs, pro musician gear, film making, music production, and gaming. 

Current Gear:
Keyboards: Cannonkeys Savage65, Akko MOD005
Keycaps: GMK Red Samurai, ePBT Grand Tour
Switches: Boba Linear Thocks
Dream Endgame Keyboard: Space65 R3


Blaise’s keyboard journey began in 2015 when he bought the Steelseries Apex Membrane gaming keyboard. Unsatisfied, he later decided to enter the vast world of mechanical keyboards and has been an enthusiast ever since. He has gone through several gaming keyboards, such as the Razer Blackwidow TKL (Razer Yellow switches) and Logitech G Pro (Romer G Switches). He currently daily drives the Ducky One 2 SF with Cherry MX Speed Silvers for gaming and productivity purposes. 

Current gear:
Keyboard: Ducky One 2 SF
Switches: Cherry MX Speed Silver


Hi, I am Rica. One of the things that currently motivate me is, of course, keyboards. Getting into the keyboard hobby was instantaneous as it easily clicked with my interests. It began when I found out keyboards can have different designs and layouts- I was mostly interested mainly because of the keycaps and how you can customize them freely. Because of this, I got my very own mechanical keyboard, RK61. I still love the fact that my mechanical keyboard is one of a kind, customized with my preferred design and sound profile. That is mainly why I recommend people jump “down the rabbit hole” of mechanical keyboards. Eventually, I hope to finally obtain the “endgame” keyboards that I listed on my bucket list.

Current Gear:
Keyboards: RK61, Redragon DITI
Keycaps: Darling Keycaps
Switches: Akko Matcha Greens and Outemu Blues (yes, I like clicky switches for gaming)
Dream Endgame Keyboard: Idobao ID80 Crystal & YMDK Wings


Khae Aruelo is a full-time marketing writer with a love for all things beauty AND nerdy. With experience as a contributor for both beauty and keyboard publications online, she is now a happy writer for Keyboardsexpert.  When she is not typing up her next piece of content, you can find her gaming on her laptop setup, playing with her cat Tteokki, creating cocktail and coffee recipes, or refreshing tape mods on her keycaps for that “sweet, sweet thock.”

Current Gear: 
Keyboards: Tri-mode RK71
Keycaps: White Pudding + Rainbow Dye PBT Keycaps
Switches: Durock T1 Tactiles (Clear)
Dream Endgame Keyboard: GMMK Pro White Ice or the D84 V2 Gasket Mount 75%


Abi de Jesus is a part-time content writer in Keyboards Expert and a full-time creative writing student. She has always been teased about being a heavy typer. Her love for mechanical keyboards started with a faulty second-hand, red switch, Royal Kludge keyboard she endearingly calls “Psyche.” Since then, she has been drawn to customizing keyboards through aesthetics and feel, and has learned to embrace her strong typing tendencies by acquiring heavy linear and tactile switches.

Current Gear

Keyboards: RK71 (“Psyche”), MW65 (“Mallorie”)
Keycaps: Tai-Hao Smokey Quartz, NP PBT Crayons, GMK Cafe
Switches: Boba U4Ts (62g), Durock POMs, Gateron Black Inks v2
Dream Endgame Keyboard: Idobao Crystal


During the pandemic, Angelica built her own PC as her laptop would not keep up with her busy schedule in university and part-time work. Her first mechanical keyboard was an Anne Pro 2,  she learned keyboard modding through Youtube videos and is fascinated by how much you can customize her own keyboard based on personal preference. Angelica is also a full-time college student and a part-time content creator.

Current Gear
Keyboards: TFV2, KBD67Lite, Tabard60
Keycaps: EnjoyPBT White on Black, Black on White Japanese Keycaps, Akko Black & Pink ASA profile
Switches: Penguin Switches, Durock Koalas, Boba U4
Dream Endgame: Cyberboard