Drevo Brand Review - Do They Make High-Quality Keyboards?

Are Drevo Keyboards Good Quality?

There’s no feeling better than feeling at home. While a significant portion of keyboard manufacturers is populated by the Eastern side of the globe, the West is still no slowpoke …

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Idobao Brand Review - Do They Make High Quality Keyboards?

Are Idobao Keyboards Any Good?

Many have gravitated towards custom keyboards thanks to their aesthetic appeal and wide range of customizability. Keyboard enthusiasts also love how they can tune the typing feel and typing sound …

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Philips Brand Review - Do They Make High-Quality Keyboards?

Are Philips Keyboards Good Quality?

What distinguishes passionate people in their craft from those business or income-oriented ones is the quality of their art. While the latter may have the money, passion speaks louder than …

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Zowie Brand Review Keyboard

Are Zowie Keyboards Any Good?

Zowie is a brand that has reached legendary status in the gaming community. Many of their mouse designs, including the Zowie FK and EC series, have been used by many …

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