5 Good Alternatives to the KBD67 Lite

The KBD67 Lite was a massive game-changer in the custom keyboard market. It was the first keyboard that truly offered enthusiast-level features such as a gasket-mount design, south-facing switches, and …

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Zowie Brand Review Keyboard

Are Zowie Keyboards Any Good?

Zowie is a brand that has reached legendary status in the gaming community. Many of their mouse designs, including the Zowie FK and EC series, have been used by many …

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Mechanical Keyboards cover photo

What is a Mechanical Keyboard?

Mechanical keyboards have been gaining tons of attention in the past couple of years. In fact, most gaming keyboards are utilizing mechanical key switch technology nowadays. But given their high …

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Ortholinear Mechanical Keyboard Cover

Guide to Ortholinear Mechanical Keyboards

There are many reasons why enthusiasts gravitate towards custom keyboards. However, unique alternate keyboard form factors that promise better comfort and ergonomics certainly draw many towards the keyboard hobby. Alice …

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Gaming Keyboard vs. Regular Keyboard cover

Gaming Keyboard vs. Regular Keyboard

Gaming and regular keyboards have both dominated the keyboard market for many years. And while they both serve different purposes and are marketed towards different kinds of audiences, it is …

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Pudding Keycaps – FAQs

Selecting the keycaps for your keyboard is one of the most important elements for the aesthetics of the board. The keycap can express one’s personality and be used to blend …

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Blank screen tablet on black background design

How to Connect Keyboard to iPad

Keyboards are an essential tool in our daily lives. They help us relay messages and information through digital mediums. Everyone, including professionals, students, and casual users rely on them to …

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