Complete Guide to JWK Switches

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On your road to building a self-customized keyboard, mechanical switches should be on the top of your priority list. Now, with that being said, one of the switches you should look out for in the keyboard market is JWK switches. 

Popular for creating budget switches, JWK manufactures one of the affordable and smoothest switches you can find. Their JWICK switches dominated the budget linear market scene. Along with premiums, Durock, Alpaca, Everglide, and Mauves, JWK switches have gained popularity among keyboard enthusiasts for being such bang for the buck switches.

Thus, if you want a remarkably smooth switch, especially for linears, JWK switches are the choice for you. To guide you more on what type of JWK switches you should get, we will go through some of the most popular selections they offer in this article. Stay tuned to know more, and possibly you might end up hopping on the hype train for these budget switches.

JWK Mechanical Switches

Durock POM Linear Switches

Back in 2018, the choices for smooth switches were limited, especially when it came to linears. Popular linears at that time included Gateron Inks and Tealios, and both were popular smooth linears but were expensive, even for some keyboard enthusiasts. Luckily, JWK eventually came out with Alpaca switches, which became a hit in the keyboard community due to their affordability and smooth premium quality. 

As most keyboard enthusiasts say, JWK switches are included in their top list for smoothness in typing feel. These switches offer little to no scratchiness for such an affordable price regarding their standard options and even their premium options. 

Most consumers testify to their superb smoothness, to the point that they stated that even the out-of-the-box JWK switches feel super smooth, and more so if they come factory-lubed. Luckily they offer factory-lubed options with most of their switches,

JWK mechanical switches mostly feature a nylon bottom housing and a polycarbonate top housing with POM stems. Additionally, since it is also a Cherry MX clone, its switch structure is the same as the original Cherry MX switches. The switches typically have over 50 million lifespans, similar to Gateron switches and half of the advertised lifespan actuation rate of Cherry MXs. 

JWK Switches


JWK Jwick Ice White Linear Switch

Jwick Ice White Specifications

  • Switch Feel: Linear
  • Bottom-Out Force: 37g
  • Total Travel: 4.0mm
  • Mount Type: PCB-Mount
  • Sound: Low

JWK Whites or Ice Whites are one of the switches included in the JWICK linears lineup— the standard budget options for smooth best-sounding linears manufactured by JWK. The White has the lightest bottom-out force and actuation force out of the four JWICK linears. Thus, this is recommended if you are a light typist working for a long period using the mechanical keyboard.


JWK Jwick Black Linear Switch


Jwick Black Specifications

  • Switch Feel: Linear
  • Bottom-Out Force: 58.5g
  • Total Travel: 4.0mm
  • Mount Type: PCB-Mount
  • Sound: Low

JWK Blacks, which are also included in the JWICK linears, have full Nylon housing, unlike other JWICK switches, which have nylon for bottom housing with polycarbonate for their top. Because of this, it has a deeper sound than the other JWICKs but still has the high-pitched clacky sound profile, even when lubed and filmed. Additionally, it has two versions, wherein the V1 is deeper in sound while the V2 is more high-pitched.


JWK Jwick Red Linear Switch

Jwick Red Specifications

  • Switch Feel: Linear
  • Bottom-Out Force: 60g
  • Total Travel: 4.0mm
  • Mount Type: PCB-Mount
  • Sound: Low

JWK Reds are among the most popular options in the JWICK linears, along with JWK Yellows in the keyboard community. Due to its similarity in bottom-out force with the main Red lineups of other brands like Gateron, which also has 60g bottom-out force, and Cherry MX with 60g to 64g, enthusiasts are new to JWICK switches pick JWK Reds.

However, its smoothness and clacky sound profile make it unique to other Reds. This switch is suitable for people who want to experience familiar keystroke feedback while keeping it unique with a clacky sound profile.


Jwick Yellow Linear Switch

Jwick Yellow Specifications

  • Switch Feel: Linear
  • Bottom-Out Force: 67g
  • Total Travel: 4.0mm
  • Mount Type: PCB-Mount
  • Sound: Low

JWK Yellows are the JWICK linear switch mostly compared to Gateron Pro Yellows by keyboard hobbyists and YouTubers. Out of the box, Yellows are smooth; thus, they may not need lube, depending on your preference. Especially if you are on a budget, JWK Yellows are the way to go since it offers almost the same typing feel as Gateron Yellows at a low price, more so if you are a fan of clacks than thocks. 

Premium Options 

JWK Durocks

Durock Yellow Linear Switch

Durock Linear Switch Specifications

  • Switch Feel: Linear and Tactile
  • Bottom-Out Force: 62g – 67g
  • Mount Type: PCB-Mount
  • Sound: Low to Moderate

Durocks are currently the most popular out of all the JWK manufactured switches, and rightfully so. The switch lineup has both linears and tactiles; each switch has a unique material regarding its housing and stems. The Durock linears composed of popular switches such as POM Durock and the Durock Smokey series differ in bottom-out force.

Since all Durock linears have a similar premium feel of smoothness and low stem wobble, it all comes down to the user’s preference when it comes to spring weight. Whereas the Durock tactile, the Durock T1, offers a heavy bump that satisfies the user with notable feedback in each keystroke while maintaining the switch’s smoothness.

JWK Alpacas 

JWK Alpaca Linear Switch

JWK Alpaca Specifications

  • Switch Feel: Linear
  • Bottom-Out Force: 62g
  • Total Travel: 4.0mm
  • Mount Type: PCB-Mount
  • Sound: Low

JWK Alpacas are the pinnacle of the JWK linears; thus, they are most compared to other JWK manufactured switches. Out of the numerous linear switches available in the market, JWK Alpacas are considered some of the best-rate budget linears. Due to its typing feel and its moderate bottom-out force, it is suitable for people who want a light and smooth typing experience. It brings a clack to each keystroke, which is perfect for people who prefer the sound profile of tactiles but with less feedback. 

JWK Everglides 

JWK Everglide Aqua King V3

JWK Everglide Specifications

  • Switch Feel: Linear and Tactile
  • Bottom-Out Force: 45 – 67g
  • Total Travel: 4.0mm
  • Mount Type: PCB-Mount
  • Sound: Low to Moderate

Everglides are the premium option of JWK that provides various choices both in the tactile and linear switch fields. Everglide Aqua King is a fan favorite when it comes to their linear switches. From the clacks of its sound profile, you can also hear the smoothness of the switch itself, even when unlubed.

Along with the Alpacas and Durocks, Everglide Aqua Kings are the best-rated linears in the entire keyboard switch market. Whereas in their tactiles, Everglide Dark Jade is the most well-received by keyboard enthusiasts. Its stem is longer than normal Cherry MX stems; thus, it greatly accentuates the switch’s tactile feedback and push feel. Also, its sound profile produces a sharp, high-pitched resounding clack, unique for a tactile switch.

JWK Mauves

JWK Mauves Linear Switch

JWK Mauves Specifications

  • Switch Feel: Linear
  • Bottom-Out Force: 65g
  • Mount Type: PCB-Mount
  • Sound: Low

Mauves are one of the underrated linears in the JWK lineup of linear switches. The switch’s top housing material is unique from the other JWK manufactured linears since it features a mixture and blend of polycarbonate and nylon. Due to its housing material, the switch delivers a sound profile in between clacks and thocks, wherein you will still have the same smooth typing experience but with a heavier bottom-out force. So, if you want a sound profile blending both thocks and clacks, JWK Mauves are the linears for you.

Recommended JWK Switches for Gaming

When it comes to gaming, you would want a lightweight switch that registers keypresses quickly. Fortunately, JWK offers a variety of linear switches perfect for the job. First off, JWICK switches of all colors, especially JWK Reds for high clacks and JWK Blacks for deep clacks, are highly recommended for gaming.

Aside from that, when you want to spend a little more to get a higher value out of your gaming experience with your keyboard, it is recommended to get JWK Everglides as it has a 45g bottom-out force. JWK Mauves are also a great choice for a heavier linear switch for gaming.

Recommended JWK Switches for Typing

JWK Jwick Yellows

For ultra-budget typing without sacrificing quality, JWK Yellows are suitable for you. The linear switch of JWK Yellows provides great performance, regarding its smoothness and typing feel, on par with Gateron Yellows at even a lesser price.

However, if you want a premium tactile switch, the JWK Durock Tactile switch, the Durock T1, provides satisfying bumpy feedback without giving the typist fatigue when used for long periods. Additionally, their clacky sound profile also is a factor that contributes to having a satisfying typing experience.

Recommended JWK Switches for General Use

JWK Jwick Blacks

JWICK Blacks are one of the best budget options for general use and casual use. Due to its average and moderate bottom-out force, people who want to try out linears would not have a big problem with accidentally pressing keys.

It also provides soft, deep clacks that do not overwhelm new hobbyists and underwhelm keyboard connoisseurs. Other than that, JWK Alpacas and JWK Durocks are premium options that are also great for general use since both provide the signature smoothness and the signature clacky sound profile of JWKs. 

Modding JWK Switches

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Keyboard Switch Modding Tools

We recommend lubing and filming JWK switches, in general. For JWICK switches, filming is highly encouraged to lower the pitch of their clacky sound profile, especially for those who are not fans of high-pitched clacks. Additionally, for Durocks, Alpacas, Everglides, and Mauves, filming is also advised since it greatly benefits the sound profile of the switches. More so, if you lube the JWK switches.

However, JWK switches sound and feel smooth out of the box, even without lube and filming, especially considering its affordable price.