Complete Guide to HyperX Switches Cover

Complete Guide to HyperX Switches

The mechanical gaming keyboard industry has been evolving throughout the years. Many brands that previously relied on Cherry MX switches have since employed other keyboard switches or have manufactured their …

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Are 60% Keyboards Good for Gaming Cover

Are 60% Keyboards Good for Gaming?

The layout of the keyboard determines what functions you will be using daily. Therefore in picking out a keyboard, the format is one of the most important things to consider. …

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Gigaware Brand Review - Do They Make High-Quality Keyboards cover

Are Gigaware Keyboards Good?

Anyone who has tried to search for the most affordable mechanical keyboard has surely heard of Gigaware. They have been in the mechanical keyboard scene for a very long time …

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Steelseries OmniPoint Switches in Keyboard Cover

Guide to OmniPoint Switches by SteelSeries

Most gamers and keyboard enthusiasts are already familiar with the various colored keyboard switches. Red is mostly designated for liner switches, brown for tactile switches, and blue for clicky switches. …

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