Are 60% Keyboards Good for Gaming?

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Are 60% Keyboards Good for Gaming Cover

The layout of the keyboard determines what functions you will be using daily. Therefore in picking out a keyboard, the format is one of the most important things to consider. This is especially important for those who primarily use their keyboards for gaming, as specific keys are used in certain games.

The 60% keyboard layout has been gaining traction in the gaming community. This layout does not take up much space, allowing a more extensive area for bigger monitors and speakers. Its size allows it to be easily moved or angled however you want. This also results in a shorter distance between keyboard and mouse, possibly reducing strain on your mouse hand and wrist, making it more ergonomic than bigger keyboard layouts.

This article will discuss the pros and cons of a 60% keyboard and whether or not this layout is suitable for gaming. And by the end of this article, our readers should be able to tell if 60% keyboards are a good fit for them. 

Some Aspects to Consider in Getting a Gaming Keyboard

For gaming, some aspects of a keyboard have a measurable impact on your gaming, albeit as a disclaimer, some of these aspects have such a tiny influence that most people disregard it entirely.

Keyboard Ergonomics

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop Set
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic

The first aspect is keyboard ergonomics, which refers to how ‘natural’ the keyboard feels to you. This could also refer to how natural it is to reach the keys when you want to, whether or not some essential keys are too far away for you to reach without doing finger acrobatics, how the switch feels when you push it, and so on.

This aspect is probably the most significant factor for gaming. You have to get your hands on a board to identify appropriately whether or not a board is a perfect fit since everybody is different.

Key Layout

The next aspect is the keyboard size which is also related to ergonomics, but it is worth mentioning as there is a difference between size and proper key layouts, both being essential factors that should be looked at on their own.

A giant board may require you to keep your mouse hand apart from your resting ‘W-A-S-D’ hand, thus forcing you into a “game stance” that isn’t conducive to flawlessly fluid play. More space is preferable in this sense, but you must also be careful not to sacrifice the keys you need.


Last but not least, there is key functionality. As previously stated, if your board lacks any or every button required for the games you play, you have the wrong board. Sixty percent of boards can be great, but if it compromises keys you rely on or makes them difficult to press in-game, you chose a board that is too tiny.

Most often than not, FPS games usually don’t require more than 60% layouts. Such layouts also have programmable buttons for doing complex button press operations in a single click, which may or may not apply to the game you’re playing.

What is a 60% Keyboard?


A 60% keyboard means that its layout only contains 60% of the keys of a full-sized keyboard. It forgoes the Numpad and the Function key row at the top. It also does not include the navigational cluster on the right, only leaving you with the alphanumeric characters. After full-size and TKL, 60% is perhaps the most common layout. 

Perks of Using a 60% Keyboard

The main reason people prefer a 60% keyboard layout is its size. It is compact enough not to take up too much space when you have a limited workspace, making room for your mouse and other attachments. 

Increased desk space is a perk to this layout as the functioning of your keyboard plays a significant role in your overall performance. If you put in enough time getting accustomed to this style or learning certain functions to access specific keys, you would be able to reap the benefits of saving space.

One of the benefits of more space is that you are given more freedom to create a more personalized work configuration. It is easy to position at a comfortable angle, reducing wrist and forearm strain. Adjusting the keyboard posture to your comfort will relieve tension on your wrists and shoulders. This is critical since gaming sessions might extend for several hours.

With that, you’re still provided with the necessary keys without compromising your comfortability.

Using 60% Keyboards for Gaming

Draconic Pro K530 White Keyboard
Draconic Pro K530 White

Some people prefer to use a 60% for gaming, and typically, it is enough for most games. However, since most 60% of keyboards have no arrow keys, you may not be able to play games that specifically use function keys, etc. 

FPS gamers benefit more from this layout as it features all the needed keys used for most FPS games. Using the 60% layout with games like Call of Duty, which utilizes the gaming mouse more, allows you to freely and comfortably move your mouse with the increased desk space.

Using 60% Keyboards in MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)

MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games often use an average of ten (10) keys – most of which belong to the alphanumeric group and some modifiers such as the Alt and Ctrl keys. However, in games such as Blizzard’s most popular game, Defense of the Ancients, now dubbed as DOTA 1, the 60% keyboard may not be enough if you are playing with the key bindings on default since it has some keys are assigned to the Numpad.

Nevertheless, an effective remedy to these problems is to remap the keys to what is included in your 60% keyboard. 

Using 60% Keyboards in FPS/Shooting Games

The most popular shooting games of all time, such as Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensivemostly use alphanumeric keys such as the W, A, S, D, and other keybindings for utilities and gun switching. Based on experience, it is pretty rare that some game developers require keys other than alphanumerics. Point in case, a 60% keyboard is enough if you play games in this genre.

Using 60% Keyboards in MMORPGs & RPGs

On the other hand, MMORPG and RPGs almost always require you a lot of keys to play with due to the number of skill commands that are binding to your keyboard. Still, most games only need alphanumeric keys and some modifiers for menu shortcuts. 

However, some games, such as the popular Genshin Impact, require keys such as Function keys, navigational arrow keys, and sometimes, the Numpad. This is crucial given that remapping the keys as a solution may be impossible since there are already many keys bound at default on the alphanumeric keys. This being the case, you may experience the 60% keyboard’s shortcomings regarding its limited number of keys if you play games such as MMORPGs or RPGs that require a lot of key bindings. 

Using 60% Keyboards in Other Genres

In terms of other genres, gamers prefer to do key binds instead for specific functions rather than getting a whole keyboard as reaching for keys is not as ergonomic, and there are tradeoffs like having less space for your mousepad.

Point in case, you will always have the option to remap the keys to those available in your 60% keyboard if the game you are playing, such as Gamehouse’s Tap a Jam, has key controls outside the 60% form factor at default. 

60% Keyboards Recommended for Gaming

Royal Kludge 61 (RK61)

Royal Kludge RK61 61 Keys Wireless 60%
Royal Kludge RK61
  • Hot-swappable switches
  • Detachable Type-C cable
  • RGB/Single Color Backlighting
  • Wireless Bluetooth Capability
  • Software for Key Remapping

Royal Kludge is quite popular for producing low-priced entry-level keyboards. It is jam-packed with premium features such as Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity and is hot-swappable. For its asking price, you will surely get your money’s worth if you are looking for an entry-level or budget 60% mechanical keyboard. 

Anne Pro 2

  • Hot-swappable switches
  • Detachable Type-C cable
  • Custom RGB/Single Color Backlighting
  • Wireless Bluetooth Capability
  • Software for Key Remapping
  • Tab/Double Magic FN key

The Anne Pro 2 is quite similar to the RK61 but is more expensive and has a better build quality. Its price is justified through the added software support wherein you can program up to sixteen (16) macros, customize its RGB backlighting, and remap its keys at ease. You are also given more switch options on purchase. The only thing worth noting about this keyboard is that it is not hot-swappable. But otherwise, the Anne Pro 2 is a great midrange pre-built 60% keyboard. 

Gamakay 61

Gamakay K61 60% RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Gamakay K61
  • Full translucent glazed panel, PMMA plexiglass material, CNC cutting
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Hot-swappable switches
  • Detachable Type-C cable
  • Custom RGB/Single Color Backlighting
  • Wireless Bluetooth Capability
  • Software for Key Remapping

Talk about some RGB Goodness! If you are a fan of what other reviewers would call “rainbow barf,” this keyboard is probably the best for you. The Gamakay 61 features a full-translucent case that maximizes its RGB Backlighting. Aside from being a functional hot-swappable keyboard, the keyboard can be your light show on a budget if you are into that. 


In summary, yes, 60% keyboards are perfect for gaming. They have all the necessary keys for most game genres and have been the go-to for competitive and professional gamers. Their small size allows for more desk space and better portability. They are easy to take to LAN events, internet cafes, or different PC setups.

Of course, 60% keyboards will not be for everyone. Gamers who use their keyboards for other tasks will likely find the 60% keyboards to be too small.

For those kinds of users, we urge you to check out 65% keyboards and 75% keyboards. But for gamers who will strictly use their keyboards for gaming, 60% keyboards are highly recommended.