Zowie Brand Review Keyboard

Are Zowie Keyboards Any Good?

Zowie is a brand that has reached legendary status in the gaming community. Many of their mouse designs, including the Zowie FK and EC series, have been used by many …

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Macro Keyboards for Gaming Keyboards

Macro Keyboards for Gaming

Gaming peripherals make or break your gaming experience. Gamers invest money into their equipment and gaming setup — and, because of the boom in the gaming industry in the past …

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Complete Guide to Outemu Switches

If you value the quality of barebones or the aesthetics of keycaps more, you can find yourself low on budget for an essential component, the mechanical switches. Without keyboard switches, …

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Complete Guide to Cherry MX Switches

In the current limelight of mechanical switches, brands like Gateron, Kailh, JWK, Glorious, and Zealios invade the market scene. Due to their success among keyboard enthusiasts, most keycaps and keyboards …

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Steelseries OmniPoint Switches in Keyboard Cover

Guide to OmniPoint Switches by SteelSeries

Most gamers and keyboard enthusiasts are already familiar with the various colored keyboard switches. Red is mostly designated for liner switches, brown for tactile switches, and blue for clicky switches. …

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Are 75% Keyboards Good for Gaming Cover

Are 75% Keyboards Good for Gaming?

For many gamers, a mechanical keyboard is an essential part of their equipment. But, any enthusiast can tell you that navigating your way in the mechanical keyboard hobby is no …

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