Guide to ZealPC Switches Cover

Guide to ZealPC Switches

As a part of the community deep in the rabbit hole of mechanical keyboards, building your custom keyboard and picking custom parts is a massive element of the hobby. Like …

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Are 40% Keyboards Good for Gaming?

Compact form factors are currently hot in the keyboard community. The full-size keyboard cannot be maximized in their everyday use for many typists. Lessening your keyboard’s footprint allows you to …

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TKL vs. 60% Keyboard Layout Cover

TKL vs. 60% Keyboard Layout

When starting your mechanical keyboard journey, enthusiasts and YouTubers often suggest getting a tenkeyless keyboard or a 60% keyboard. However, they often ask questions first, like what you will use …

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5 Good Alternatives to the KBD67 Lite

The KBD67 Lite was a massive game-changer in the custom keyboard market. It was the first keyboard that truly offered enthusiast-level features such as a gasket-mount design, south-facing switches, and …

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Lubing Materials and Switches Cover

5 Good Reasons to Lube Your Keyboard

Sound and feel are some of the most appealing aspects of mechanical keyboards. With that, enthusiasts have developed ways of modifying their keyboards to improve their typing experience. One of …

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Idobao Brand Review - Do They Make High Quality Keyboards?

Are Idobao Keyboards Any Good?

Many have gravitated towards custom keyboards thanks to their aesthetic appeal and wide range of customizability. Keyboard enthusiasts also love how they can tune the typing feel and typing sound …

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