Are Ergonomic Keyboards Good for Gaming?

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Ergonomic keyboards have lots of benefits. And in the long run, they can prevent any long-term injuries such as RSI. However, can ergonomic keyboards provide the same benefits to gamers?

Like any keyboard, ergonomic keyboards can easily be used for gaming. Some ergonomic keyboards, such as Split keyboards, can be very useful since it allows gamers to utilize only one side of the keyboard giving more room for mouse movements. Of course, ergonomic keyboards can still have some weaknesses, but overall, they are still great options .

In this article, we will be learning more about ergonomic keyboards. We’ll go through the different types as well as the different switch choices. And by the end of this article, you should have a better idea on whether or not ergonomic keyboards satisfy your gaming needs.

What are Ergonomic Keyboards?

Ergonomic keyboards, just like stated above, are the growing solution to many complications that heavy keyboard users suffer from. Complications involve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or other painful side effects to your fingers and their shape. These keyboards have been designed with you, the user, in mind.

They come in shapes that are bent in the weirdest ways. Some even come split into two pieces so you can have your hands on them at a healthy position. You name the shape.

I bet you can find it when it comes to ergonomic keyboards. Because just like said above, they are made to adapt to your workflow and not the other way around.

Ergonomic keyboards are quite an improvement to almost every normal keyboard because they offer the same things and more. In addition, they can actually come in the types of keyboards we love most: membrane, and even better, mechanical. Yes, better ergonomic keyboards have been released over the years with the features that we love from the best keyboards ever.

Let’s take a quick look at what those types of keyboards are normally:

Membrane Keyboards

These are your everyday keyboards. The ones that are mass-produced and sold about everywhere for the lowest prices.

These keyboards are known to have their whole set of keys laying on top of a rubber dome that is what is touched by the keys to actuate them. Unfortunately, this is not the very best for durability because this rubber can degrade over time and cause things like actuating surrounding keys by mistake.

Normally these are some of the worst friends to your wrists. All because when these are made, they are being produced in big amounts and only to be sold and functional, not having the health of your hands in mind. But now, you can easily look and find good membrane keyboard options that come in a more friendly body.

Ergonomic membrane keyboards are a good and cherished group of keyboards in the industry. But when it comes to gaming and ergonomic, mechanicals wins the game.

Mechanical Keyboards

These are your improved type of keyboards. Mechanicals skips the basic rubber dome and jumps into a better world where every key is independent with its own actuating switch. This allows them to be fixed easily if ever needed and gives a lot of customizing and modding.

Over the years, these have been introduced to the Ergonomic world. They began by being better in experience and sizes than normal membrane keyboards. But now, you can find these split into two pieces that fit the way your palm is shaped so you are the most comfortable you will ever be while using a keyboard. 

Why Go Ergonomic?

If you have not yet found any injury or side effects and are a heavy keyboard user, you should definitely look into ergonomic keyboards. They ease any stress on your wrists and help not keep them in an awkward unusual, and inappropriate position.

Although they may be pricier than your normal picks, they are quite the investment. Look at it as looking out for an efficient workflow and a healthier choice for you. Because let’s be honest, in the long run, health complications will be pricier than an ergonomic keyboard.

So it’s a win-win because it helps your efficiency, health, and a good one have a long life span compared to an everyday membrane keyboard.

Are Ergonomic Keyboards Good For Gaming?

Yes, they are, for the most part. You can find them with the specific requirements you need to make them the best fit for your gaming setup. The unusual shapes may be a challenge for some. But as you get used to it, you will find comfort and ease in the process of using them.

They are, without a doubt, the better keyboard. If they help you prevent health issues, then they are far better.

It all ends up boiling down to what shape you want to look for. You could go for a split one with nice linear switches making the whole gaming experience amazing.

You will have all the keys you really need on the left of your desktop that way. And the way you are laying your hand on the smaller keyboard makes it so much easier for your wrist. 


  • Ergonomic Keyboards are your everyday keyboards. But in different shapes and sizes made to fit you. The goal of these keyboards is to give you a smooth workflow that does not damage the health of your wrists or fingers.
  • Membrane keyboards are also known as rubber dome keyboards. The keys in them rely on a rubber mat below them to be actuated. This causes complications in the long run due to its short life span. These keyboards can be found as ergonomic keyboards and no longer just the everyday shapes they are so known for.
  • Mechanical keyboards are the better keyboards. Giving you the edge you need to have an advantage when it comes to something like gaming. These can also be found as ergonomic keyboards with the needed specs to help you be healthy and strong in your gameplay.
  • You should consider ergonomic keyboards even if you do not see any bad signs yet. See them as both an investment for a good setup and good health in the long run.
  • When put next to each other, Ergonomic keyboards are clearly better than normal.
  • They are good for gaming. But they will take some getting used to at the beginning.

Pros & Cons

Ergonomic Keyboards Pros:

  • The best option for the health of your wrists.
  • They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
  • They come either as membrane or mechanical keyboards.
  • You can find them with mods that make it comfortable for your hand or wrists to lay on.
  • They come in a variety of creative customizations.
  • They are very appealing to the eye.

Ergonomic Keyboards Cons:

  • They can be pricey.
  • They can be hard to get used to.