Are Wireless Gaming Keyboards Good?

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wireless gaming keyboards

Wireless technology has seen significant improvement throughout the years. However, some users are still skeptical and believe that wired is still the way to go. So the question is, are modern wireless gaming keyboards now good for gaming?

Wireless gaming keyboards have seen lots of development and are now a viable option for gamers. They have very minimal input lag and have all the advantages of a wired gaming keyboard. Plus, they will significantly help clean up your setup.

In this article, we will be going over the pros and cons of wireless mechanical keyboards. And once you are done, you should have a more informed purchase decision on your next purchase.

Wireless Gaming Keyboard Advantages


Wireless keyboards have been discouraged in the past for serious gamers due to their inferior performance. Wireless devices, in general, often introduce latency or input delay. And if you are gaming, this might cost you your ranked games.

However, manufacturers have stepped up their game and are now releasing keyboards that virtually have zero lag. Their performance is indistinguishable from wired keyboards.

And the good news is that this is not exclusive with a few brands. Almost all brands are adapting this kind of technology which ensures that current and future released will be viable for competitive gaming.

Cleaner Setup

Messy wires can destroy the aesthetic of your desk setup. And sometimes, you simply cannot avoid that. This is especially true if you do not having proper routings for your mouse and keyboard.

But with a wireless keyboard, it helps free up the clutter and create a cleaner aesthetic. Also, you are free to position the keyboard however you like. This is very helpful for FPS players who like to tilt their keyboards to create more room for their mice.


Some keyboard manufacturers such as Razer and Logitech offer cutting-edge wireless technology that can make connecting your keyboard a breeze. And for these manufacturers, you can also connect your mouse to the same dongle for a very seamless experience.

But even with simpler wireless keyboards, the connection process is pretty simply, You either have to use the included dongle or pair them via Bluetooth.

Bluetooth connevitity also opens up new doors in terms of device compatibility. You can easily connect your keyboard to other devices such as a tablet, smartphone, or a different laptop/desktop PC. This gives a lot of value for just a single purchase.

Wireless Gaming Keyboard Disadvantages

Battery Life

The biggest downside of any wireless device is battery life. Most gaming keyboards have enough battery to last throughout your gaming sessions. Some manufacturers such as Logitech G have also implemented smart wireless charging for their devices to make sure that they do not run out of juice while you are gaming.

However, almost all wireless gaming keyboards do not last as long as regular wireless keyboards. Most typically last up to a week before needing a recharge. Also, if you forget to recharge your keyboard, then you might be greeted with a low battery indicator the next time you use it.

Of course, you can still use your keyboard in wired mode if you ever run out of juice. But, of course, this defeats the purpose of having a wireless keyboard.

Input Lag

We have already mentioned earlier that most manufacturers have almost entirely removed any significant input lag from Bluetooth gaming keyboards. However, there are still a few that have not adopted this kind of technology. If you are using a Bluetooth gaming keyboard, then chances are that it will still have a significant level of lag.

Limited Support for Custom Keyboards

The advancements in wireless technology are, unfortunately, exclusive to some of the manufacturers. Smaller companies that produce custom keyboards do not have access to these cutting-edge technologies. At best, they can only provide Bluetooth which isn’t on par with the low latency performance of high-end wireless gaming keyboards.

Should You Go Wireless?

The pros of wireless gaming keyboards outweigh its cons. The ability to have a cleaner setup and seamless integration and connection with other devices will make your gaming setup a lot better.

The only reason not to go wireless is if you are planning on building a custom mechanical keyboard. The technology that brands such as Razer and Logitech G posses is not readily available for other manufacturers. This means that you will most likely be stuck with Bluetooth.

So before you go wireless, make sure that you are perfectly happy with the keyboard model that you wish to purchase. At the end of the day, it is the actual keyboard that will make or break the experience and not its wireless performance.