Does a Good Gaming Keyboard Make a Difference?

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Does a Good Gaming Keyboard Make a Difference

There has been an ongoing debate among the community whether using a good gaming keyboard makes a difference in the user experience. Some of the gamers claim that gaming keyboards do improve the gaming experience, while some claim that buying a gaming keyboard is just a waste of money. With all the clashing opinions, which one should you listen to?

A good gaming keyboard does indeed make a difference. Not only does it improve the satisfaction and the gaming experience of the user but it will also improve several aspects such as their accuracy. Most gaming keyboards register keystrokes faster, which can certainly be the difference-maker in clutch situations.

This article will talk about what defines a good gaming keyboard as well as how gaming keyboards affect your performance. It also talks about whether or not specialized keyboards such as mechanical keyboards can make a difference in performance of gamers.

What Defines a Good Gaming Keyboard?

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Normally, a gaming keyboard caters to the needs of the gamers. Having a good gaming keyboard can be very crucial when you are playing a competitive game. It can make or break your performance in-game. This means that having a good gaming keyboard can help you bag a few more wins than that of a normal keyboard.

So what makes a gaming keyboard good? A good gaming keyboard should be comfortable and satisfying to use. Comfort is important because a lot of the current popular games require the gamer to play for long hours, so you need a gaming keyboard that will not feel demanding to use and will not hurt your hands in prolonged usage.

Another feature of a good gaming keyboard is that its keypads are easy and fast to press. The keys on a good gaming keyboard should be able to respond quickly with a smooth press and not a hard one. If the gaming keyboard can easily record a smooth keystroke, then you will be able to press more keys at a time than that of a normal keyboard.

To sum it up, a good gaming keyboard should be able to enhance your gaming capabilities and experience. It should also provide comfort and satisfaction so that your hands will not easily experience fatigue or soreness while playing.

How Can Gaming Keyboards Affect Your Performance?

Ducky One 2 Mini Mechanical Keyboard RGB LED 60% TKL Double Shot PBT Gaming Keyboard (Cherry MX Brown)
Ducky One 2 Mini (Image: Amazon)

Just as stated before, a gaming keyboard can help a gamer improve or enhance his or her or their gaming performance by providing comfort in the long hours of play. Most gaming keyboards nowadays are designed to suit or match our hands so that gamers can play for long periods.

Another factor that affects the performance of a gamer is the amount of force that you apply when pressing a key. Some of the standard keyboards require the user to press harder to properly record the keystroke, but with a gaming keyboard, the user will be able to type or click the keys faster because it only requires a soft or smooth click in order to record a keystroke. Not only does it make your typing smoother, but it also reduces the fatigue your hand experiences.

Another aspect of the gaming keyboard that affects the gamer’s performance is the existence of customizable macros. These so-called macros can function as anything the gamer needs in the game. By having these macros, some of the tiring or boring tasks in the game can be accomplished with a single click.

Some of the current gaming keyboards also feature a control pad. The control pads function like the WASD keys and other keys. With these control pads, the gamer will be able to command or control their characters flawlessly. They will have better reaction time and faster command output or response in comparison to their enemies.

The gaming keyboard’s lighting feature also aids in the enhancement of gaming performance. Some people would ask, “What?” It’s just a backlight; how is that going to help me enhance my game?” For starters, some gamers like to decrease their major source of light while playing since this allows them to become more immersed or focused in the game.

The player won’t be able to see what he or she is doing if the light is dim, but with the backlight feature of the gaming keyboard, they will be able to see the commands they are pressing clearly.

Do Mechanical Keyboards Make a Difference in Gaming?

Cannonkeys Savage65 Custom Mechanical Keyboard

As a gamer, you might be asking yourself, can a mechanical keyboard really make a difference in my gaming performance? The quick answer to that is yes. Using a mechanical keyboard in gaming can be more advantageous than that of a normal or membrane keyboard.

One of the reasons why mechanical keyboards make a difference in your gaming experience than that of a normal keyboard is that mechanical keyboards are much more dependable and durable. Mechanical keyboards can endure up to 50 million clicks without getting uneven or shaky. Due to its plastic switches, mechanical keyboards are also slow to wear down.

Another reason that mechanical keyboards improve your gaming experience is their speed. Unlike most membrane keyboards, mechanical keyboards can easily carry out commands or clicks made by the user. This is possible because mechanical keyboards don’t need to be pressed hard to register a keystroke. This also means that you can press a different key much faster than that of a membrane keyboard. With a faster clicking speed, you can easily react to the game and press an appropriate command or action.

Mechanical keyboards also provide comfort while you’re using them. Some of the currently popular games require a lot of time for you to finish their gameplay. By using a mechanical keyboard, the user will be able to feel much more comfortable in the long hours of play and avoid the soreness and fatigue in their hands and fingers.

Mechanical keyboards also assure accuracy. Unlike the standard keyboard, mechanical keyboards are not likely to cause slip-ups and typos in your key presses. Most of the standard or normal keyboards are prone to slip-ups and typos because if they are already worn down and broken, the keys start to get shaky and unstable. Mechanical keyboards, on the other hand, are made up of plastic which makes them less susceptible to being worn down and slip-ups. By avoiding slip-ups, you can have fewer mistakes in your gameplay.

If you consider all of these aspects in play, we could safely say that mechanical keyboards really do make a difference in your gaming experience. It could be one of the determining factors for winning or losing the game.

Can You Still Play Well With Non-Gaming Keyboards?

Close-up View of Membrane Keyboard

To answer this question directly, a non-gaming keyboard can still be used to play well. First and foremost, a gamer’s performance is entirely dependent on their ability and knowledge of the game. The gamer has complete control over how he or she plays the game, as well as the course of action that he or she will pursue.

Just because someone is using a gaming keyboard does not automatically make him or her a better gamer. It takes skill, knowledge, and practice to perform better in a game. However, having a gaming keyboard does have its perks or advantages.

Just as we discuss earlier in the post, mechanical gaming keyboards offer a lot of advantages when you use them for gaming. Mechanical gaming keyboards offer quicker response time, they are much more durable, they are much more comfortable and satisfying to use, and they are very accurate by having these features. The mechanical gaming keyboard makes the gaming experience for the gamers much more fun, comfortable and accurate.

Using a non-gaming keyboard in a game is fine. As long as you have the skills and knowledge to properly play the game, you can still have a fun gaming experience. Having or using a mechanical gaming keyboard does improve your gameplay and gives you a little edge against someone who uses a standard keyboard, but it is still up to the gamer’s skill and knowledge if he or she will perform well in the game.

Is it Worth Getting a Gaming Keyboard?

Logitech G PRO X Keyboard - Shroud Edition
Logitech G PRO X – Shroud Edition (Image: Amazon)

The answer to this question is simple. It depends on the user.  If competitive gaming is your primary reason for buying a keyboard, then go for it. Not only does it improve the gamer’s reaction time, but it also provides a lot of benefits for the gamer. However, if you are someone that only plays casually or someone that just needs a keyboard, then the standard keyboard can sate your need.

But to reiterate, getting a gaming keyboard is so worth it. The only thing that a gamer should think of is what are the features that he or she is looking for. Some of the gaming keyboards offer a variety of features that can fulfill the function a gamer is looking for.

A gaming keyboard also feels better than a normal keyboard. Just as previously stated in the article, a gaming keyboard feels better to use than a normal keyboard. The gaming keyboards provide comfort and help the hands feel less tired and sore from long hours of gameplay. The gaming keyboard also helps the gamer increase their accuracy in their game.

To summarize this article, a good gaming keyboard can make a difference in a gamer’s gaming experience. Gaming keyboards can assist a player in being more precise with their commands and actions, as well as be more comfortable to use and make some tasks easier to do. However, utilizing a nice gaming keyboard does not instantly make someone a great gamer; to become a great or good player, one must first understand the game and then practice in order to enhance their skill.