Angry Miao Brand Review – Do They Make High-Quality Keyboards?

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When it comes to mechanical keyboards, most models usually look the same. And for many years, enthusiasts have been looking for something that can truly stand out in the endless sea of typical rectangular-looking keyboards. Fortunately, Angry Miao has entered the custom keyboard scene and has delivered a product that can truly live up to the expectations of consumers. 

Hailing from the East, Angry Miao is a brand that seeks to shake up the custom keyboard market by introducing unique-looking high-end keyboards. Their first product, the Cyberboard, has already become an instant hit thanks to its Cybertruck-like design and large LED matrix. 

The main product that Angry Miao offers is the Cyberboard. It combines their specialty in designing products, which they have acquired via their previous experience in the smartphone industry, with conventional design elements found in the custom keyboard market. Since its inception in 2020, the Cyberboard has been a topic of interest both in the custom keyboard community and in the gaming keyboard community.

In this article, we will be talking more about the brand as well as their flagship product. We will be giving an in-depth overview of the Cyberboard and give all the necessary information that potential buyers will need to know before purchasing any of Angry Miao’s products.

Angry Miao, The Brand

Angry Miao is a newcomer from Guangdong, China, where many mechanical keyboard manufacturers have already cemented their presence and influence in the competition. It was conceived in 2019 by Li Nan, who is a former high-ranking official of Meizu, a well-known Chinese smartphone brand. 

The brand was conceived to be the first “fashion label “of digital devices in China. To start, the brand headed by Li Nan introduced the Cyberboard to the market through Indiegogo. The campaign was such a success that it was able to sell out its initial release of 1,000 units. The Cyberboard has since then developed a cult-like following in the mechanical keyboard community.

The Brand Moving Forward


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With the success of the first batch of the Cyberboard, the brand decided to continue selling it in more runs. Angry Miao conducted an R2 and R3 (Round 2 and Round 3) run of the Cyberboard, which offered brand-new features.

In addition, Angry Miao also expanded their product lineup by also offering keycap sets, switches, and some artisan keycaps. The brand is also developing products outside mechanical keyboards, such as the upcoming true wireless earphones dubbed the Cyberblade. 

If you are interested in their products, consider that all their keyboards currently available on their website are on a pre-order basis/group buy except for the AM Hatsu. This means that you need to wait for a significant amount of time before you can purchase any of their products. 



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Angry Miao’s first child, the Cyberboard, is a project that was apparently inspired by Tesla’s Cybertruck. Its initial campaign centered around how the keyboard is the first-ever mechanical keyboard that can be connected wirelessly and be charged in the same manner. 

How? you may ask. It is done through magnetic charging with the Cybermat – a desk mat that doubles as a charging pad for the Cyberboard and other peripherals of the brand. Should you opt for this setup, take note that you need to buy the Cybermat separately.

The current versions of the Cyberboard are identical to their predecessors when it comes to its exterior. What has changed in the subsequent reiterations of the keyboard is its shift to gasket-mounting from top-mounting style. Aside from that, the Cyberboard retained its shape and layout up until its R3 version. 

Angry Miao Keyboard Lineup


Angry Miao CYBERBOARD R3 Budapest Pink


  • Aluminum Case Inspired by the Cybertruck
  • Wireless Connectivity Through Bluetooth 5.0 and Charging 
  • LED Matrix
  • Aluminum, Polycarbonate, Brass, FR-4 Plates Included (For R3)
  • 75% Form Factor
  • Hot-Swap Mechanical Switches
  • Gasket-Mount Structure (for the R2 and R3); Modified Top-Mount (for the Indiegogo Version)
  • Various Versions to Choose From

The Cyberboard has taken the mechanical keyboard world by storm. In many ways, it is one of the first custom keyboards to take the customizability aspect to the next level. It incorporates a LED matrix found on the back of the keyboard that can display whatever the user programs via its proprietary software.

Angry Miao’s roots in the smartphone industry can easily be seen in the Cyberboard. The different angles found on the case, for instance, truly show that Angry Miao placed a lot of emphasis on making the Cyberobard a stylish-looking keyboard. The Cyberboard also comes in different colors to help the user match it with different keycap sets.

However, the Cyberboard isn’t just about its looks. It surprisingly has many of the features that one would find on a high-end custom mechanical keyboard. Some noteworthy features include an aluminum case, 5-pin hot-swap compatibility, south-facing LEDs, switches. Gasket mounting, different plate materials. and a 75% form factor.

The LED Matrix


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What basically sets apart the Cyberboard from its competition is its LED Matrix panel that you can customize to display a multitude of effects that are either pre-installed or personalized by the end-users themselves. It also acts as a status monitor for the keyboard’s battery if you need such.

Typing Experience

The magic does not stop there. The Cyberboard was architectured to be a keyboard that is capable of achieving different sound profiles, and typing feel depending on what mechanical keyboard switches and other mods the user has installed. 

CYBERBOARD R1, R2, and R3 Differences

As mentioned earlier, the main difference of the original Cyberboard to the R2 and R3 variants is its shift from a top mount design to a gasket mount design. Aside from that, most of the design elements on the outside are very similar. One thing to take note of is that some colorways may be limited to the R2 or R3 run of the Cyberboard.

Other Products of the Brand

Angry Miao AM Hatsu Keyboard

Angry Miao has also unveiled the AM Hatsu keyboard. It is a 3D split ergonomic wireless keyboard. In many ways, it shares many similarities with the design elements of the Cyberboard. It is set to retail for $1,600 and is currently available for pre-order. 

Aside from this, Angry Miao has also introduced its proprietary mechanical switch, the Icy Silver. This mechanical switch was made in collaboration with TTC’s technical expertise. In summary, these are box-type switches based on TTC’s speed silver switches with a lower actuation force

Why Buy the Cyberboard?


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The Cyberboard is a one-of-a-kind keyboard. It is the only custom keyboard that has a large LED matrix allowing new heights of customization. In addition, its aggressive looks and Cybertruck-like design instantly make it a very recognizable keyboard.

You get all of those unique features while retaining all the essential custom keyboard components. These include its premium build quality and capacity to achieve multiple sound profiles and different kinds of typing feels. In today’s market, a keyboard like the Cyberboard is very hard to find. That alone makes it a custom keyboard worth purchasing.

Why Look for Alternatives?

Savage65 with GMK Red Samurai Keycaps

The Cyberboard is Sui Generis. However, that presents its own set of problems. The main one is its price. 

Given how complex the design of the Cyberboard is, it will command a higher SRP. And just like the Cybertruck that it is based on, it will be significantly more expensive than competing custom keyboards. However, the bad news does not end there.

The Cyberboard is only sold in a few batches. As we have mentioned earlier, there have been only three batches so far. This means that outside of those group buys, the only way to acquire the Cyberboard is via the aftermarket. And for those who are familiar with the aftermarket, you will know that something like the Cyberboard will be significantly more expensive than its original asking price.

Another main issue with the Cyberboard is that it currently does not support VIA. This makes a lot of sense, given that the Cyberboard will require more complex software for configuring the LED matrix. However, not having QMK or VIA support is a big deal since it is the most powerful and most reliable way to remap and reprogram the various functionalities of custom keyboards.

Of course, all of this can change. Angry Miao may potentially support VIA and QMK. The Cyberboard may also become an in-stock product in the future. But as it stands, these are some of the issues that potential buyers will face when trying to buy the Cyberboard.

Is the Cyberboard Worth the Money?


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The question of whether or not the Cyberboard is worth buying will entirely depend on the end-user. For those looking for the best bang-for-the-buck custom keyboard, the Cyberboard is surely not the right keyboard. There are many alternatives from brands such as KBDFans that can achieve a similar typing experience and level of customizability as the Cyberboard at a much lower price point.

Similarly, those hunting for the best sounding or best custom keyboard for typing will likely find a better deal even in the premium price range. However, those who are tired of the same old custom keyboard aesthetic will surely appreciate the Cyberboard.

And those same crowd will most likely not mind how expensive the keyboard is as long as they get something truly unique. Again, end users must assess their needs and budget in order to decide if the Cyberboard is truly worth its price.

Where To Buy The Cyberboard?

The Cyberboard can be bought directly from Angry Miao’s website. Their products are yet to be available in mainstream online stores such as Amazon. 

Angry Miao Keyboard Warranty

Angry Miao offers a 1-year limited warranty for all versions of Cyberboard. Check out Angry Miao’s Official Website to learn more.