Mountain Brand Review – Do They Make High Quality Keyboards?

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Mountain Brand Review - Do They Make High Quality Keyboards?

Many of today’s mechanical keyboard brands constantly try to innovate the mechanical keyboard market. Big names such as Razer, ROG, Logitech G, Steelseries, and Hyperx are always trying to outdo each other and bring something new to the table. However, no brand has been able to bring something as interesting as’s offerings.

Mountain is a new and upcoming brand that aims to redefine the market for pre-built mechanical keyboards. It currently offers the Everest, which is a modular mechanical keyboard that is compatible with a number of different add-ons. The brand aims to be the game-changer that pushes the keyboard industry forward. keyboards is a brand that aims to redefine what is possible with mechanical keyboards. Despite only having one product out in the market, they are proving that they can compete with the bigger brands thanks to their innovative designs. Their Everest keyboard, for example, is bringing unprecedented customizability, making it the only product of its kind in the current market.

In this article, we will be tackling what Mountain keyboards have to offer. We will be quickly taking a look at the brand’s reputation, and we will have an in-depth look at their current flagship offering. And ultimately, we will be helping potential buyers decide if Mountain keyboards are the right fit for their needs. Brand History Brand Logo is a young brand that aims to create innovative products that can potentially change the game. There are no documents that can tell when the brand was established. However, their first product, the Everest, was released in 2020. 

The brand was a gatecrasher into the market. They created a product that consumers didn’t know they needed. Thus, they were able to quickly establish themselves by creating a product that virtually has no competition in the mechanical gaming keyboard market.

Mountain currently touts itself as a keyboard company that creates modular products. However, since they only have one product in their lineup, there is no telling whether or not they can keep up the momentum or introduce fresh modular designs.

As for their brand name, Mountain keyboards serve as a metaphor for the gaming experience. Both gaming and mountain climbing create unique experiences that evoke challenges, excitement, and enjoyment. The brand wishes to be able to capture all of these in its products. Keyboard Lineup

Mountain Everest

Mountain Everest Max Midnight Black 45 RGB
Mountain Everest Max

Mountain Everest Highlights

  • TKL Layout with a detachable Numpad 
  • Aluminum Top Plate
  • Per-Key RGB Backlighting
  • RGB Underglow
  • Detachable Numpad with customizable display keys
  • Media Dock with Display dial
  • Detachable wrist rest
  • Software support to OBS Studio for streaming needs
  • Cherry MX Switches pre-lubed with Kryptox GPL 205
  • Hot-swappability only for 3-pin switches
  • Five custom profiles on-the-fly

The Mountain Everest is currently’s flagship product, It is essentially a modular mechanical keyboard that allows the user to tailor the keyboard to their specific needs.

At its core, the Mountain Everest is a TKL keyboard. However, it can be expanded into a full-size keyboard via the removal Numpad. In addition, a dial with a built-in screen can also be added to further increase the functionality of the keyboard.

However, what makes the Everest truly special isn’t just the fact that modules and add-ons can be added. It is the fact that the Everest gives the user the freedom to choose where they want to add these add-ons.

The Numpad, for instance, can be placed on both the left and right sides of the keyboard. This allows users to position the Numpad in its traditional spot or on the left side to free up space for wider mouse movements. The Numpad detaches via USB Type-C and magnets, which helps add to its stability. The Display Dial is also pretty similar to the Numpad. It can be placed on either the top left or top right part of the keyboard and connects via USB Type-C.

In addition to the additional modules, the Mountain Everest is also hot-swappable with other mechanical keyboard switches. It can also be purchased with a variety of different Cherry MX mechanical switches.

Support for third-party switches is, however, limited. The Everest only supports 3-pin switches. meaning users will have to modify their 5-pin switches to make them compatible with the Everest.

Mountain Everest Core Midnight Black 360
Mountain Everest Core

Of course, the various functions of the Everest are fully customizable thanks to its software. Everything from basic key mapping and macros to more advanced functionalities found on the dial and the TFT display on the Numpad can be easily customized by the user. Other highlights of the keyboard include a detachable wrist rest, adjustable magnetic feet, detachable USB Type-C cable, and an aluminum top plate.

The Mountain Everest is very similar to the ROG’s Claymore II. Both keyboards feature a detachable Numpad that can be added to the left or right side of the keyboard. However, the Everest features more add-ons and more advanced software features since it has TFT displays on the Numpad and the dial. 

The Everest is also compatible with regular MX style switches instead of the optical switches found on the Claymore 2. This means that it has more switch options and is compatible with enthusiast-grade switches from brands such as Gateron, Gazzew, etc.

The Everest Max, Core, and Barebones Versions

The Mountain Everest is available in three configurations: the Everest Core, Max, and Barebones. The Core is the most basic version and contains the main keyboard. The Max contains the main keyboard plus all the extra modules.

And lastly, the Barebones version is similar to the Core but without any mechanical switches or keycaps. In addition, the Everest Core can be bundled with either the Numpad add-on or the digital dial. With these different bundles, consumers can purchase only the accessories they need or all the accessories for the full experience.

Why Buy Mountain Keyboards?

Mountain Everest Max Separated parts
Everest Max

The biggest appeal of the Mountain Everest is the added functionality and flexibility that it brings to the table. Unlike many of today’s gaming keyboards and custom keyboards, the Mountain Everest prioritizes functionality first over other aspects such as aesthetics and acoustics. As a result, it is a keyboard that is able to do more than its competitors.

The four additional buttons found on the Numpad, for instance, can easily replace Elgato Stream Decks. Its native compatibility with OBS and other streaming software further adds to the refined software experience that the Everest is able to offer.

In addition, the Everest is one of the few keyboards that allows users to position the Numpad to the left side of the keyboard. Consumers who are interested in this feature would typically need to go for custom keyboards for this kind of feature.

And lastly, there is simply no other gaming keyboard/pre-built keyboard that can match the Mountain Everest’s feature set. Of course, it still has its fair share of downsides, which we will be discussing later in the article. But for specific users that are interested in the Mountain Everest, those downsides will most likely not sway them away from the Everest.

Why Look for Alternatives?

Mountain Everest Core Barebone 45
Everest Core Barebone

Mountain. gg’s keyboards are without a doubt innovative products. However, the innovation they bring commands a high price tag. Consumers, especially those who have never tried a mechanical keyboard, may not be willing to pay that price.

In addition, the Everest is not a true custom mechanical keyboard. While it is very modular, it is still lacking many features that have come to define the custom keyboard market.

The Everest is only compatible with 3-pin. This is a big deal for enthusiasts who do not want to irreversibly modify their switches. In addition, the Everest features north-facing switches, which are bound to cause interference with Cherry profile keycaps such as GMK keycaps.

The case of the Everest is also not the highest quality considering its price point. Only the top plate is aluminum while the rest of its body is made out of plastic. In comparison, many competing custom keyboards feature a higher-quality aluminum or polycarbonate case.

And lastly, the typing feel and sound profile of the Everest will inevitably not be as good as custom keyboards in the same price range. These are, of course, to be expected since the Everest is not marketed towards the custom keyboard community.

But as we have already established earlier, there is no real alternative to the Mountain Everest both in the pre-built gaming keyboard market and the custom keyboard market. The ROG Claymore II comes close. But as we have mentioned earlier, it doesn’t have the same degree of customization as the Everest. So if you are looking for a more affordable version or a more premium version of the Everest, you are not going to find anything.

However, there are many budget customizable keyboards offered by brands such as Akko, Epomaker, and Royal Kludge. As for custom keyboards, there are also many brands that offer different layouts and unique features such as built-in screens. Distributors that can potentially carry these kinds of keyboards include KBDFans.

Where to Buy Mountain Keyboards?

Mountain Keyboards/The Mountain Everest can be bought directly from Mountain. gg’s website. Their products are yet to be available in mainstream online stores such as Amazon

Mountain Keyboards Warranty

Mountain. GG offers a 2-year limited warranty for all versions of the Everest. Check out Mountain. gg’s Official Website to learn more.